The 6-day retreat for everyone

A unique and foundational experience in the light of the Gospel.

6 days in silence to learn, pray and celebrate the faith.

The 6-day retreat of the Foyers de Charité is for anyone looking to get away and straighten out their priorities, reflect on their lives and cultivate their relationship with God.

3 or 4 daily lectures, in between which there are times for personal and community prayer, the celebration of the sacraments and, of course, some free time to be inwardly regenerated.

The Foyer de Charité provide a magnificent setting that stimulates inner reflection. A priest or a member of the community is available to guide you and listen to you.

Thanks to a climate of silence, prayer and the warm welcome offered to everyone, the 6-day retreat is a springboard for enhancing your spiritual life, whatever your past.

Some Foyers offer the following two options for the 6-day retreats:

  • The fundamental retreat, which offers a complete vision of the Christian faith. We recommend this retreat if it is the first time you are going on a 6-day retreat.
  • The theme-based retreat, which looks more closely at a specific point of the Christian faith, based on a book of the Bible, the liturgical time or a particular theme.